The Google Home Service Ads program is now traveling across the United States, after being largely quarantined to California (San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento & Stockton)  for quite some time.  We were notified that for some of Google’s service categories, they are set to expand to the following metro areas:

Early August – Atlanta, Phoenix, Seattle, Philadelphia

Lat August – Chicago, Washington DC and New York

The verticals currently eligible for Home Services include: plumbers, house cleaners, locksmiths, contractors, electricians, general contractors, painters, garage door pros, HVAC, roadside assistance services, and auto glass services.  Not all verticals are available in all metro areas at this time.

Representatives from Google’s Home Service Ads program have said that during testing, the program worked better in larger metro areas as opposed to smaller more rural areas, so one can probably expect to see this program continue to expand in large cities in the upcoming months.

Which metro area do you think will be next?  Which vertical do you think will be next?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments.